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At one time Barrhead had three major stations very close to each other in the centre of the town, two of them virtually next door. This is from A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain 

Viaduct at Kelburn Street, Barrhead

"The ill-fated Paisley railways left the district, and especially Barrhead, , with ugly, decaying railway properties. The town centre of Barrhead was a clutter of mouldering stations, rusty abandoned bridges and weed-covered embankments, memorials to the suburban service that never was.In the end the local council dumped the town refuse on the abandoned railway site."

Barrhead centrerailway map

Barrhead New Station was demolished in the early 1950s. The pictures below are of the derelict station and the adjacent bridge.

Barrhead New Station, thanks to Ian Duff of BarrheadRailway bridge at BarrheadNew station near ArthurlieInn


Railway bridge at BarrheadNew station near ArthurlieInn

massive stone viaduct was also constructed on the outskirts of Barrhead which is still there next to the Tesco supermarket on the road to Neilston (below) . Yesterday and today. 

Viaduct at Kelburn Street, BarrheadViaduct at Kelburn Street, Barrhead

This is Barrhead South station which was actually McDonald's coal depot.

Barrhead South - GH Robin Barrhead South - GH Robin

Another spectacular viaduct is south of Barrhead between Barrhead South and Lyoncross

Viaduct  between Barrhead South and LyoncrossViaduct  between Barrhead South and Lyoncross

Barrhead Central Station (Potterhill Line) was demolished in the early 1950s

Barrhead Central Station, thanks to Ian Duff of BarrheadBarrhead Central Station, thanks to Ian Duff of Barrhead

Glasgow bound train passing over Dummy Railway at Shanks Pottery, thanks to Ian Duff of BarrheadKilmarnock bound train passing  junction to Barrhead Central at Shanks Pottery, thanks to Ian Duff of Barrhead

The the main Barrhead station (Glasgow - Kilmarnock line) is still open , below it can be seen in the 1950s.

main Barrhead station in the 1950s.

1951 dummy railway enthusiast's trip s excursion 

Train emerging from Paisley East Goods at Cecil Street


Glenfield Station  excursionGlenfield Station  excursion with vegetable patch

Ferguslie Station

Arkeleston junction  during  excursion

Lacy Street and Barrhead South

Train crossing  Lacy Street  at street levelBarrhead South - GH Robin

There are also anecdotal stories of Sunday school trips and a Glasgow Univerity railway enthusiasts journey.

This is the text from Railway magazine November 1951.

S.L.S. Paisley Area Tour

A TOUR of great interest over little-used lines in the Paisley and Barrhead districts was arranged for Saturday, September 1, by the Scottish Area of the Stephenson Locomotive Society. The four-coach special train, hauled by the ex-Caledonian Railway 0-6-0 No. 57266, started from Paisley East Mineral Depot, and proceeded past Blackbyres junction to Barrhead South, and thence through Glenfield to Gilmour Street Station, Paisley. A complicated journey, via Elderslie and Johnstone, necessitating two reversals, brought the train to Paisley West, whence it was propelled along the steeply graded branch to the goods station at Gleniffer. On the return journey, the train called at Paisley for some of the passengers to alight, and then continued to Glasgow (St. Enoch) for the benefit of those who had come from farther afield. Despite a signal stop outside the terminus, the train arrived slightly before its scheduled time.

November, 195 1


S.L.S. Paisley Area Tour (See paragraph on page 784)

[G. Robin Photo] = photo 3 above

The special train used for the Stephenson Locomotive Society's tour of thee 
Paisley district on September 1 at Glenfield Station, which is now used as aa
dwelling house. The tenant has turned part of the platform into a vegetablee
garden, seen in the foregroundgarden, seen in the foreground

[Ian Coonie Photo] = photo 2 above

The former Caledonian Railway 0-6-0 locomotive No. 57266 heading the train att
Paisley Eastt

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